Helping Angels

Developing a new system

Jon Glasby, Robin Miller and Jennifer Lynch

Health Services Management Centre, 2013

For many commentators, the adult social care system is fundamentally broken. This is not the fault of current workers, managers or policy makers – but there is strong consensus that the country still has a 1940s’ system which is increasingly unfit for purpose in the early twenty-first century. This was already becoming apparent before the current financial crisis – albeit that a very difficult funding environment has brought these debates to the fore and made them even more urgent.

Against this background, the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham was commissioned by Birmingham City Council Adults and Communities to produce this policy paper to guide the Council’s thinking on the potential for a new adult social care ‘offer’ to local people. This was based on a review of Council websites (to see how other local authorities frame what they do for local people) as well as interviews with a series of leading national stakeholders and good practice examples.

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